Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Can you say Hiatus?

Yes my fellow scrapper/bloggers I have been on hiatus. In fact I haven't even touched my scrap stuff in the last 2 months at all *GASP*!!!

But fear not...I scrapped this labor day weekend and it was glorious. Waking only well after the sun has risen and crept oh so near to the noon-time apex, a lingering cup of coffee donning my lovingly cupped hand, and the luxurious feel of perpetual pajamas, I scrapped from the time the sun came up until the time I retired back to bed (yes still in my SAME pj's) and I loved every minute!

Not only did I scrap...I got to PLAY! I found glimmer glam at such a ridiculously low price that it was practically a steal...and steal I did. I went from one lonely jar of Tattered Angels Rustic glam to 11 glitter jars nestled snuggly in my distressed wooden tray. I glopped and heated and shmeared and spritzed and glued and sprayed and sanded and burnt (my skin that is) until I could no more.

What is the end result  you ask? Check back this Friday to see!

HA! Got YOu! I'm tired and going to bed. I have to upload the photos tomorrow. Au revoir.

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