Saturday, July 9, 2011

Orange you glad I didn't say card?

It's been nothing but cards for the month of June with no scrappy, and July is not looking any better. My GF gave me some card kits that she had previously acquired and never used. I figured they would be quick easy ways to make cards. I HATED them! My cards looked mediocre and uninspired. Let's face it, I'm not a sticker person. I don't know how to use them effectively...until now.

I have to admit I searched online for some inspiration. Once I found what I was looking for, I didn't completely lift but the basic vibe is there. I prefer that anyway. Most of my mid-career scrapping stuff is not getting posted because it was lifted. I feel comfortable showing my own creations but when it's a carbon copy of someone else's it just doesn't feel right.

Back to the card!
This is the card I made for my cousin's open house.
As you can see, it's mostly paper layering and stickers but I was ecstatic with the way it turned out. There is some inking and stamping but I was short on time and so I was trying to rein myself in:) lol

 This is my cousin Rachelle. Isn't she beautiful? Her senior pictures were out of this world. The card was for her.

Here is my Aubrey Sue with my BFF's boa Earl. He is the nicest most gentle snake you have ever met. She has been grooming him to dance with for a while and although Earl loves people and loves to snuggle, he does not like to spin. This is not going to work in the belly dance world.

 Also while out at my BFF's house I thought it would be a great opportunity for photos with the kids. Her son is a graffiti artist and with all the outbuildings around their house she is able to give him a building that he can practice on. Makes a great background for pics with the kids. 
 I love the composition of this pic even though his eyes are closed.

 This final picture is a photoshop display. I took this in the graveyard behind the church when Nathan was baptized. Liam and Aubrey were standing back to back but I liked the look of her alone so through cropping and much creative photo shopping I was able to completely remove him from the pic. She is such a pouty Sue!

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