Friday, September 16, 2011

I got ink WHERE?!

Happy Friday! That's right I'm blogging again and back on track. This is twice in one month! *shocked face*

After the pages I sent to my sister I just couldn't resist, I had to make one for myself. I laid everything out the night I completed her pages and had the plan already in my head. I knew what I wanted to add, spray, paint, was already finito as far as I was concerned. I finished the page in one afternoon...this is a record people.

I was painting, and spraying, and bending with pliers...I had a blast. That night while we were in the bathroom brushing our teeth my DH says "What do you have on your elbow?!"  I hold my arm high above my head while looking in the mirror and find walnut stain all over my elbow and the back of my arm! Nothin' but the sign of a good time if you ask me;)

Before we begin let me apologize for the lighting. This is a night shoot using my OTT light. The white piece on the right is only there to see the feather. It was getting lost against my black desk. Also, if you click on the pictures they do get bigger.

This is my masterpiece after getting ink WHERE?! I finally started to use some of the ephemera that I have been collecting (hoarding) over the years. A ticket here and card from there, a trinket from some hair gunk that I bought. I have boxes of this stuff and never use it. Here you can see I used a card from Liam's 8 wk check up with the dr. I used a ticket from when we all went to Mackinaw fort and the converse tag at the top is from a box of shoes that we bought Liam for his uncle's wedding. I truly have no idea why I haven't been using this stuff all along.

A close up of the tag

This is a piece of glimmer glass by TA. I used alcohol inks to stain it.

 The ticket is another piece of glimmer glass but this time I used glimmer glam and heated it. The gear is made with my usual technique but this time I used red paint underneath so the undertones would match the LO a tad better. Don't you love the dots on the feathers?

Here is a close up of the vine I made with pieces from the dollar store, a bag of feathers, and some flowers from the swirlydoos kit.

 The large clear piece is a giant button. I have had these for years and have a hard time using them. The chipboard is from the TA line. I sprayed with red glimmer mist and heated. Then followed up with some walnut stain to give it some grunge and topped it with gold brilliance ink. I love how the embossed area stands out with the ink against it. The yellow spray you see is Starburst from Lindy's stamp gang in marigold. You can't see it here but all this spray has a beautiful shine to it.

This pic is specifically for my dear friend. She gave me her old sewing machine when she decided to upgrade. Since I was scoping Goodwill an Salvation Army for a used one anyway I just thought this was the best gift ever. That was almost 6 months ago!!! I have never even taken it out of the case. I decided that this would be the page where I would finally sew with my new machine. It ran so smooth and did in only minutes what it takes me FOREVER to do. The watch is the other piece of TA chipboard. It's been inked and sprayed and heated and sprayed and inked some more. Then I layered buttons and metal and dimensional paint inside and covered it all in gesso. I am still experimenting Finnabair style. Once I find my own way with it I'll be able to do so many things. Again, thank you for the inspiration.

Have a wonderful week and whatever you do...don't be afraid to get your elbows into it!


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