Friday, September 9, 2011

Curiosity may have killed the cat...but THIS definitely brought her back.

Good golly miss it September already? If anyone is wondering why it took so long to post, let me enlighten you. 
Summer vacations were a blast. The hubby and I went on a motorcycle trip to Maine with my in-l aws for 10 days at the end of July (Do I hear a mini album in there somewhere). It was gorgeous and I have tons of really fantastic pictures. I'm still waiting for my in-laws to give me their pics.

The very next weekend after we got back, the hubby and I packed the kids up and headed to Tahquemenon Falls in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The kids had a blast. It was only a small weekend but I took just as many pictures as I did in Maine. The Monday we returned the kids started school. First day already and it was only the beginning of August. 

In addition to my regular hectic life, yours truly became the new tiger den leader of pack 173. I now have a boyscout, tiger cub, and WBLOS. Youth group started at church and being the insane psychotic that I am, both hubby and I volunteered to help with that. I think my head spins on a regular basis. 

So now that you are all caught up on my summer, let me catch you up on my scrapping. Little background info: My sister was in the military and overseas. It was the first Christmas without her, I missed her, and KNEW she was gonna miss the fam. So I found one of those incredibly cute little scrapbooking tins and made one up and packed it full of pages. My goal was one page per month but just guess how that went. Last year I gave her 6 pages for Christmas and every now and then I bust out a few more pages. Since she herself is an artist I started telling her about all my awesome new toys and her response was "make me some pages".

What a fantastic idea!! The pages for the tins are only 4x6 so if I mess up it will only be a little mess.  

This is the first of 2 pages. That's me, the hubby, and all the kids on Mackinac Island a couple of years ago. I ran the page through my Big Shot to emboss and then just went to town with my glimmer glam. I totally have to give props to Anna Dombrowski because she has been such an inspiration to my work lately. 

This is just a little bit different angle so you can see all the different iridescence and sprays on the page.

Here is a close up of the heated glimmer glam. I love the way it bubbles and texturizes when you heat it. The metal is actually scraps that my hubby gave me years ago from parts he was making.

And of course, my rusted chipboard. Still one of my favorite techniques. I added some TA Glimmer Mist in coffee shop while the distress powder was still wet and I LOVE the coppery look it took on.

This is my second page. My boys. Gotta give props to Kate Palmer for the dimensional paint that I used on the edges. Just fabulous stuff.

I used a combination of gesso, glimmer glam, glimmer mist, and hot glue to achieve this look along with a little moon shadow mist in a paint pot from Lindys stamp gang.

The title is stamped with a new set of stamps from my Swirlydoos kit. Yup, still at it! I love my monthly kits. I also love the way the Glimmer mist really blends the picture into the page.

Again, one more angle to show some of the iridescence on the page. I have to admit this is one of my mostest favoritest pages. The colors are so bright and just lovely. I sincerely hope my sister likes them. TTFN

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