Saturday, February 23, 2013


That's right! I'm in week 6!! This is it!! I could be the lucky winner of the $400 prize pack over at!!!!  

For our last challenge we had to combine 3 of the 5 challenges that we were posed with over the last month and a half. We HAD to use week 3...the layered background and week 2, paper layering, plus one of our choice. I chose the foil tape. I did use a 12 x 12 canvas because I have been dying to try a crayon melting technique. Aubrey Sue was so sweet to help me pick through her broken crayon bits and peel them one by one. Then we arranged them on the canvas and hot glued them down.  Next came the fun part....melting. It was so freeing and just a hoot to do. I LOVE how the wax got so thin at the top that you could actually see some of the patterned paper through the wax. 

Here is a close up of my clustering. You can see the damask and striped papers that I layered underneath. I used the little orange flowers to tie in some of the color without being overwhelmingly busy.

Here you can see the wax drippings over the black and white paper. I just loved that!  I don't have any bead gel and thought that beads would look great so I added some seed beads to some gel medium and spread them on with an art spatula.

Here is a closeup of the clustering on the other side.

I used some of these really old stickers and titled my piece "Delight in Little Fall Family Adventures" because these photos were all taken while on a hay ride this last fall. 

Well, wish me luck and check back next week to see if I won!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Art Journaling

Happy weekend Y'all!! Time to reveal the 5th week of the Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Challenge. This week we had to create  2-4 art journal pages. Now I don't do much art journaling but I am a hugh fan of Donna Downey and Inspiration Wednesday.

This page is sarcastic (believe it or not).  I was feeling feisty during an incredibly crappy week at work and my GF txt me and said "you bring sunshine and rainbows everywhere you go."  You would have to know her to know she was being VERY sarcastic. I'm usually an upbeat person but I also don't pull any punches...which is what she was referring to. Anyway...that's where I get the bright happy colors with the contrasting black from. This felt fantastic to create.

Close up of texture

you can see a bit of the shimmer and shine in this one

So then I went to post my page and felt totally inadequate when compared to what the other ladies made. I decided that I needed to create something that was 100% in my comfort zone for color so I created this:

I titled it "Never Good Enough" because regardless of the truth...that's how I feel. Here's a close up of the modeling paste

and a close up of the shimmer from the spray.


Saturday, February 9, 2013


This week's Ultimate Designer Challenge over at Swirlydoos was to make a canvas using multiple layers of mediums. Just my luck, I had been planning a canvas as a gift and just hadn't made the leap from my head to the canvas yet. What a perfect opportunity to bring my idea to life.

This is a 12x16 canvas. There are layers of gesso, paint, Mod Podge, modeling paste, matte medium, gel medium, moon shadow mist, and glaze all over this thing. The best part is that the odds n ends that were used were all just leftovers in my stash or random parts that but hubby brought home for this specific purpose.

This cross is my favorite part of the whole canvas. It was just a plain wood laser cut that is sold at my local dollar store. I purchased a few for making cards for perople at church and such and it just turned out perfect with the seed beads. The gears and key hole are left over parts from previous projects and the bricks are modeling paste and a Prima mask.

The zipper was perfect!! Garage sale find!!!  The piece behind the R is a napkin ring piece that I disassembled. 

I can't wait to present this canvas, I really love the way it turned out.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Swirlydoos Designer Challenge Week 3

Things are moving fast over at for their Ultimate Design challenge. We are nearing the end of week 3 which means we are halfway through already! 

This week Miranda decided to challenge us with using foil tape. Um HELL-UR? Did anyone see my submission for week 1? PPPFFFSSSTTT...I got this;)

The panel I designed was so large and I really liked all the surface area so instead of cutting it down to a tag I decided to cover a dollar store notebook with it. P.S. I LOVE Alice in Wonderland.  And if you are wondering where I got those fab tags my stamping is on...they are Prima packaging. Yes...packaging. 

 Here is a close up of the background made with the foil tape. I used various colors of alcohol ink and then topped them with the pearl mixative. I sanded to allow the metal to show through on the raised areas and then edged the whole thing with black Staz-On. 

I really loved the idea of contrasting the harsh metal with the soft layers of lace and trim. So pretty.  

The flower showing the hint of pink was made using the Spellbinders rose creations. I used a tutorial from over at rose. Check it out...Pascale is fantastic with handmade flowers. The pen nib says "journal" and the sentiment reads "Why sometimes I've believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast".

I really had a lot of fun making this. I can't wait for the next challenge on Monday.