Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm still crafty...I swear!

It seems that life has gotten in the way of my blog. But fear not, I have still been crafty. I dropped my Nikon last fall (sigh) and although it still works the shutter is messed up and it needs to go in for repair. I have used this as an excuse to take NO PICTURES. Yes, you have all heard me admit it. However, I have some pics of crafty things I have been working on like...

 Aubrey's hair.  She wanted Ariel hair. We used Kool aid and this was the closest we could get

 Grandpa's family tree. For my hubby's grandpa's 80th birthday I made him a family tree of all the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and placed it in a shadow box for grandma to hang.

 Liam! I gesso'd my son. He was Woodstock in the Christmas play and the only way to make his dark hair yellow was gesso first. His face was painted too...and yes that's a dog collar.

 My new duct tape Bible bag. says it all doesn't it?

 The bracelet that actually never got finished. Talk about a complicated pattern...geez.

And a Halloween mini album. Turned out Super cute. The papers are Basic Grey. I did this while at a retreat. Another woman had something similar and I thought hers was so cute so I designed this on my cricut and cut it out of chipboard. It took me about 8 hours from design to finish.  There is a lot more to that story but we won't go there.

Thanks for stopping by.