Monday, March 18, 2013

Fabric Flowers Oh MY!

Posting a  little late and begging forgiveness but boy do I have a treat for you! It's another video!!

Last May I created a paper bag mini album for my girlfriend to keep a lot of journaling in. It was a huge endeavor and the only thing I have left to remember that album is the video on youtube:(

However, I used that album to make my first video (yay) which was a lot of fun. In addition I developed a new flower that I have now used a couple of times.  It uses material so it's very green. You just use some of those old stained up t-shirts or that torn skirt...or grab some material at the dollar store! They have table runners, fabric napkins, etc. 

Here's a pic of some flowers I made using an old dress and an old pair of jeans:

Didn't they just turn out adorable? This is actually a night light made out of a wine bottle that I gave my niece for Christmas. 

 Here is the tut for the flowers:


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