Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Excuses

I never blogged in June?! Where on Earth did it go? My goal was at least 3 times per month. In all fairness I never scrapped in June either. I made father's day cards and graduation cards and birthday cards...and I am NOT a card maker...but I just feel that there is something to be said when someone makes something for you by hand. A little extra effort, a little extra "you are special to me" and I like to do that for those whom I love.

I had a blonde moment and didn't take pictures of the rest of my father's day cards...just my hubby's.

 This is the card that I made for my DH for father's day. It's done on a plain piece of kraft stock. I used the moonshadow mist paint pot in gossamer gold first and then sprayed TA mist in coffee, olive, and patina. I then used a clock mask from my kit and inked with chalk pigment ink in dark brown to get the clocks. I then stamped with my new TA border stamps from the same kit. I stamped the bird(Tim Holtz) and cut him out and layered him over some pieces from The Girls' Paperie by Margie (88 pieces for $1 at Mega Meet!) I sprayed the pieces for a more congruent look.

 Here's a closeup. I did the bird and paper pieces on ALMOST all of my father's day cards. I actually will have to get some pics and post my father-in-law's card because it was different and it rocks.

July 3rd we went to cookout at my BFF's house with her fam and have my DH teach me how to ride a motorcycle. My BFF's bike is smaller and easier to handle than the big bikes that we have. As you can see I have all the gear from riding...I just don't know how to drive...yet;)

 This is my DH checking out the overflow on the bike. I totally dig his style. Seriously love my man. That's not a bad thing is it?

 Here's another pic of yours truly once the DH let me pick up my feet. Yes, I'm still in first gear but I'm in control and that's the important part. Isn't the barn cool? Can you say picture op for the kids?!

Here's a closeup of me looking intense as I pass in front of the bunk house. Pink riding gear, you ask? But of course!

and for the grand finale....




 Big Fireworks!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!

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