Monday, April 23, 2012

*Eat my pixie dust!*

For some odd reason I continually get waylaid from my scrappy plans and end up doing something that is equally scrappy but still not accomplishing my scrappy goals! This time it's box cars. I had no clue what a box car was but 3 weeks ago I was informed we were racing them and I would have to make them for my babes. Of course everything that her big brothers do in cubscouts, little miss Aubrey Lu has to do as well.

 This is Liam's car. It's a convertible complete with spoiler and flames. These cars completely represent the personalities of my twins. This car is SOOOOO Liam. Mind you, he did the spray paint, chose all the cut files, ran the gypsy while I loaded and manned the cricut, applied all the decals himself...he worked very hard. 

 He was very excited that this was around Earth day because not only were we repurposing boxes, but the wheels are made out of cereal box cardboard.

 I wanted to get a good pic of the foil paper used. This is from the Citrus cardstock pack by DCWV. The headlights are done with the foil red and blue as well...although the hubcaps are plain CS. 

Here is a pic of the red.

Aubrey LOVED this phrase. She must have repeated it 25 times in the half hour that we put this on before bed. The flowers and Tinkerbell stuff are all from the Disney Tinkerbell cartridge for the Cricut. Very tedious and time consuming but they turn out lovely.

 The trim on the top of the windshield and the damask headlights are from the Sophisticated cartridge by Teresa Collins. This is one of my newest acquisitions but is fast becoming my fave go to.

I used the flash in an attempt to show the bit of glitter on the wings (TA pearl spray) and the glitter paper that was used for the outfit. There is also white flocking powder on the balls of her shoes. I'm definitely removing her and keeping her to scrap some pics of the kids running around with these boxes.

The racing world is definitely in for a surprise tomorrow when they are taken by Liam and Aubrey...the dynamic duo!

If you are wondering abut Colin, he's being a party pooper and said he doesn't want to participate tomorrow (even though he's a WEBLOS). Too bad I didn't have time to make him a pink one;)


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