Monday, February 21, 2011


I am the person at the retreat doing more talking than scrapping. I am the person at the retreat making all of her own embellishments. I am the person at the retreat who only gets 3 pages done in 2 days!  I am a scrap booking RE RE! However I am very pleased with the way that these pages have turned out and so I will continue to take 4 hours to complete one page. I will continue to paint and water and everything else that makes my pages mine. I will not give in to punches and matting and simple pages. No sir! I stand by my technique and all of it's tedious tendencies.

 The above page was scrapped this weekend on Friday night. This was my first attempt at using the water distressing technique from  I used a Martha Stewart punch on the brown CS on the left side. The font was cut from designer's calendar on the Cricut and then covered with liquid glass. The stars are cut from George and Basic Shapes and distressed with Tim Holtz distress ink. I had a blast making this page. The water technique was a little difficult but I was sitting at a table with a squirt bottle instead of beside a sink of running water. The picture is of my DH and some friends of his playing paintball. He's the second from the left with all the camo on. He started paintball back in 2006 and it only lasted a couple of years but he really enjoyed it when he did it.
 This page was again inspired by  Due to my recent surgery I was unable to pack my usual entourage of stuff and was limited in my supplies. I didn't have an addition piece of the cardstock with me. I decided to cut the mat out from behind the circle. I figured I would optimize my paper while at the same time being a little green. The result? My matte was too small! I was ruined. My entire LO was ruined and I didn't posses the supplies to be able to correct what I had done wrong. The result? I had to improvise and change my original design. Let me tell you...that's hard for me to do.  The paper is My Mind's Eye(MMW) Love Nest. I made the rose using the Swirlydoos technique for the 3 layer rose. I made the pearls using puff paint on an acrylic (again...thank you Swirlydoos) and I made the shadowbox on my cricut. It's difficult to tell but it turned out really cool. Especially since the butterfly is pretty big.  The stamp is Close to My Heart. One of my purchases this weekend. LOVE IT!!
My final completed LO from this weekend is scraplifted from Scrapbooks ETC. I loved the title (U R My Heart) and the way to get all the pictures on one page.  The paper is MME Twinkle Twinkle Little Boy. I used a Martha Stewart punch for the blue card stock.  I made the swirls using puff paint on acrylic and used a white marker on the title to get the reflected look before covering with liquid glass. The result...totally cute. These are various pictures of my kids from 2007 and 2008.  I would have loved to do something more recent but this is what was printed. Still so adorable.

I hope Lee can see these from Heaven. I loved to share my most recent works with her. She was always the one that I could go to and get an honest opinion of what to do with a page.

Love long, laugh much.


  1. Holy cow! I am more than impressed with all the detail you put into your work. Each page is a unique piece that totally reflects who you are. Love your water distressing, I tried that once - its on my profile page at swirlydoos... it came out fairly good, but I think I rather less complicated. I'm glad you embrace the creating of your own elements - thats what makes your pages "you"

  2. I am that girl at the retreat too :) awesome layouts.......wonderful blog :)

  3. Hi!!! YOur blog looks great! I've never been to a retreat but I'm guessing I'd be right there with you on the 3 pages for the whole weekend! I'd say I always spend a minimum of 4 hrs on a page!!