Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just the Beginning...

I have been scrapbooking since 2006 and belly dancing since 2007. I love both things passionately.  The best part is I get to scrapbook my belly dancing! My other fave topic is my wonderful children. They are such a blessing in my life.

For my first blog *clears her throat* I will post some of what is already in my computer.

This first image is a page I did last year (or the year before). It's actually done on the back of a pizza box! I wanted to be able to use lots of paint and stamping. This was one of my first "out of scrapping" experiences and I loved every minute. The image quality is poor because this was taken on my iphone.

The following was my first digital scrapbook page ever. It was done with a kit from called Miss Mint. You should check out their digi kits, they are definitely fantastic. Although I have no interest in becoming a full blown digi scrapper, I do have the desire to become an effective hybrid. The first thing to do is learn the techniques so essentially this page was practice.

There were tons of digital pages that were just breathtaking and nothing that you could do with real paper and adhesive. I loved the graphic look of those pages and thought I would try them out myself. The following page was made using PSE8. I used a picture that my husband took at the butterfly house on Mackinac island with my Nikon D40. I used a paint crackle effect in the software and layered with my image. Truthfully this was so easy to make it was unreal.
Thanks for checking out my blog. Please feel free to leave any comments you wish. Happy scrapping.


  1. Love that you scrapped on a pizza box! Talk about thinking outside of the box!

  2. Your scrap booking has gotten so creative :) You are so good at these! You should post some of your old pages on here too so we can see how much you've grown!

  3. Maria, I definitely intend to post some old pages. I have to load my stitching software and play with my scanner first. I was going to do this all this weekend, however I had to work Saturday and I went to help a GF out after work. Then Colin's blue and gold banquet Saturday afternoon/evening. Top the weekend off with trying a new church on Sunday morning...only left me a couple of hours to clean a few things and do some laundry. I have freshman orientation for Roman Monday night, start my PS8 classes on Tuesday night this week, Bible study on Thursday night, and need to squeeze in a hair appointment. There is no rest for the wicked sweets.