Saturday, February 16, 2013

Art Journaling

Happy weekend Y'all!! Time to reveal the 5th week of the Swirlydoos Ultimate Design Challenge. This week we had to create  2-4 art journal pages. Now I don't do much art journaling but I am a hugh fan of Donna Downey and Inspiration Wednesday.

This page is sarcastic (believe it or not).  I was feeling feisty during an incredibly crappy week at work and my GF txt me and said "you bring sunshine and rainbows everywhere you go."  You would have to know her to know she was being VERY sarcastic. I'm usually an upbeat person but I also don't pull any punches...which is what she was referring to. Anyway...that's where I get the bright happy colors with the contrasting black from. This felt fantastic to create.

Close up of texture

you can see a bit of the shimmer and shine in this one

So then I went to post my page and felt totally inadequate when compared to what the other ladies made. I decided that I needed to create something that was 100% in my comfort zone for color so I created this:

I titled it "Never Good Enough" because regardless of the truth...that's how I feel. Here's a close up of the modeling paste

and a close up of the shimmer from the spray.


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